How do I Access Medpros Army?

To access Medpros Army, you need to go to the Medpros army link After that, you have to Log In using your CAC account. Then, you will be integrated with Medpros Army. After logging in to Medpros Army, you will see your medical records in detail.

The screenshot shows several Medical Readiness Indicators such as Hearing, Dental, Deployment Limiting Condition (DLC), DNA, HIV Status, Immunization, Periodic Health Assessment (PHA), and Vision.

Medpros Army Access

On the page, there is also some info such as color code, inspection schedule, and Required Action. If it is green, it means you have followed the inspection schedule correctly. The yellow or amber color indicates that you have not scheduled an inspection yet. If the color code is red, you have been late for the health check.

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