Who are the Primary Users of Medpros

Referring to army.mil, according to Fort Rucker’s MEDPROS coordinator, Soldiers can simplify the steps of our processing by keeping an eye on their medical readiness status through the Army’s Medical Protection System.

Medpros monitors a Soldier’s “profile” in six different categories. It is called Pulhes, in which a Soldier is rated between one and four in each category.

One rating indicates a Soldier meets all the requirements of that category. A two rating means any deficiency, such as a needed immunization, that can be corrected within 72 hours. A three means deficiencies can be fixed in more than 30 days, and a four means the Soldier’s status is unknown.

These are some categories that must take noted.

  1. Physical functional capacity
  2. Upper extremities
  3. Lower extremities
  4. Hearing and ears
  5. Eyes and vision
  6. Psychiatric

Soldiers must consider what they will do on their next assignment and attend to medical needs early. Especially if the next task is short-term. This system is meant to ensure. Soldiers are healthy.

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