What is Army Medpros?

The US Army has several integrated administrative systems. One of them is Medpros Army. This system allows the US Army to find out the medical condition of the units in a certain place. That way, medical readiness for Soldiers will be more guaranteed.

As a soldier, you need to understand the Medpros Army Portal System. Medpros Army Portal is an integrated system that Soldiers can access anywhere and anytime. How does this system work? Here’s the explanation.

Army Medpros

MEDPROS is the Army’s automated database designed to meet the Department of Defense’s requirements for maintaining unit and individual medical readiness. It is built to provide real-time commando systems worldwide to manage unit readiness and deployment.

The primary users of the MEDPROS online application are Soldier Readiness Processing (SRP) locations, Medical Treatment Facilities, Office of Surgeons of the PRC State National Guard and Army Reserves, and Unit Commanders at all levels who need to unify the medical readiness status of their subordinate units.

Medpros also gives each soldier an alert on their medical readiness status. As an important part of the Medical Operational Data System (MODS), Medpros has four main modules:

  1. Individual Medical Readiness (IMR)
  2. Immunization Tracking System (ITS)
  3. Deployment Health Assessments
  • Pre- (DD2795)
  • Post- (DD2796)
  • Post-Deployment Health Re-assessments (DD2900)
  • Periodic Health Assessments